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Über spino
Johannes (jobo) has spent the last the last hours, days, months, years... going to school in germany, building flash/flex/AIR Applications mostly RIAs or rich-desktop-applications (his personal advancement of RIAs). He is also programming in Batch, XML, Cpp, Java, Ajax, Logo, PHP... He is interested in science, computer-science, musics, sports and so on. When he is not programming or watching DVDs with his girlfriend or chatting with friends or even not learning for school, Jobo can be found playing rush-hour or rubiks-cube 4x4, trying to play some guitar, or doing some sports. That is not all, he totally likes the digital life stlye. Twitter, MSN, E-Mail, Blogs! Everything should be accessible for him, at best via mobile phone, on the go ;) You can contact me, I mean him, via email at: Work : mail[AT] Personal : johannes[AT]

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